Billing Assurance

Billing Assurance is a monthly or quarterly audit service that has saved providers in private practice hundreds of thousands of dollars in otherwise missed revenue.


Most medical professionals are too busy to examine the billed vs. reimburseable dollar amounts of their practice, and most of them can get by without it. However, when you consider that your $200,000 gross yearly revenue may only be 90% ($22,000 loss) or even 70% ($85,000 loss) of your total reimbursable charges, it may be worth looking into. Billing Assurance gives you the comfort of quality checks and balances for your medical billing, without having to make a change in staff or software. And, if just one major surgery is saved from slipping through the cracks, the service pays for itself.

Why get monthly or quarterly Billing Assurance?


  1. In-house billers typically have no incentive to collect as much as they can. They get paid whether reimbursements are collected or not.

  2. In-house billers typically write-off hard/stuck cases or codes that are bundled incorrectly.

  3. Most outside billing services thrive on quantity over quality. Many of them are used to supplement income for an EMR software vendor. Claims that take additional effort to collect are written off as not cost effective to their bottom line.

  4. Just one out-of-network surgery that is incorrectly re-priced according to a Medicare fee schedule or negotiated settlement could cost you thousands of dollars in missed revenue.

  5. Embezzled insurance checks or cash payments can cost you hundreds of thousands in missed revenue over several years.

  6. Under-utilized providers can offset any potential profit, putting your company in the red.




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Billing Assurance: $1,500/Month or $3,000 per Quarter/per Provider (1 year minimum)


Every month or quarter we will:


  • Follow up on high dollar claims to ensure accurate payment

  • Random payment reconciliation to prevent embezzlement (20 claims)

  • Random AR audit to ensure correct payment posting and/or write-offs (20 claims)

  • Follow up on difficult/stuck cases

  • Coding recommendations for inaccurate claims

  • Provider Utilization Report

  • Detailed list of our actions taken at the end of every payment period


We can operate with your staff/billing service, or anonymously via a remote location or after hours.